Magnum Workshop in Tokyo, with David Alan Harvey

20151006-L8908980 Shanghai It seems I use Facebook more often for my blog these days. It's a good platform for quick news, things that I'm up to, etc. I guess. But every once in a while I suppose something comes along that merits a longer discussion.

I'm pretty stoked to say that I'm going to be attending a Magnum Photos workshop with David Alan Harvey in Tokyo next week. The workshop is about storytelling, both the finding of the stories and the actually work that goes into telling them. More and more, I've got this itch to tell stories with my work and I'm really looking forward to learning from David's knowledge and experience as an editorial photographer and visual storyteller. For those who aren't familiar with his images, he's shot over 40 stories for NatGeo in the last 40 years. He's has a wealth of knowledge on the subject to say the least.

It's a huge honor to get to participate in this, and I'm really looking forward for DAH's feedback on my existing work and also insight into the work I do while in Tokyo, both the images and the process behind making them. Feedback from trusted sources is growing to be more and more important for me in my work. For awhile, I have to admit I really just felt like shirking the whole thing, mostly because I felt like I wanted to just find my own voice. While that's a good thing at times, I'm realizing that there are gaps in my photography that I would really love some guidance on from a person who's work I respect and can connect with.

I'm preparing the first leg of a project that will probably last a lifetime, but preliminarily for this workshop, I'm interested in Japan's younger generations, and specifically how happiness is perceived. The ideas of each participant will be discussed with David and then we will spend each day shooting, discussing, editing (the previous days work) and repeating until the end of the workshop, which will culminate in a slideshow of the participants work being displayed at a gallery. I'm interested to hear what he has to say on the idea and how to approach the story.

I'm also quite excited to see Japan for the first time, and even more so in this context. I figured that maybe this was a push I needed to start blogging again, so while I won't be blogging from the workshop everyday, I plan to take really good notes, and share what I learn here after the fact, along with the images that I produce during the workshop. Stay tuned!