Trek With Me In Kyrgyzstan

Alright, so as promised, I wanted to let you know about an trek I'm leading this summer in Kyrgyzstan in more detail. The trip is being organized through my good friends over at EPIC-ABROAD, and the travel package includes everything you need to get in and out: airfare from your departure city, housing and lodging in country and all transfers between villages and cities. All you are responsible is for is food and anything else you want to do while there! This is not a photo tour per say, but if you like photography, it is a great opportunity to see some really cool stuff. I'll be more than happy to assist you in that regard as well :) I personally will be planning the routes, leading the trek, and showing you some of my favorite spots in the mountains that I have been to. To give you an idea of what scenery to expect, check out the photographs below!





The trip itself will be 7 days of trekking on foot through the mountains and valleys. The official dates are the 15th of August through the 23rd of August (with the trekking in the middle of it), but the airfare can be arranged anyway you'd like, if you wish to see other things in the country while you are there. What to expect and prepare for:

  • Elevations of 3000m-4000m (9,500ft-13,500ft)
  • Temperatures from -10ºC to 25ºC
  • Rain and Snow (at higher altitudes)
  • Extremely powerful sun
  • Incredible scenery!

The trek itself will be intense, but fun! We will average 6-8km of walking per day, and will be truly out in the wilderness (no cell reception). Weather can swing from summer to winter in a matter of minutes, so being warm and dry is key. Mountain weather is extremely unpredictable!

We'll send you a full recommended packing list when you sign up, but here are the basics you will need:

  • Camping gear (warm sleeping bag and tent)-I can help you select the appropriate equipment if you don't have it, and we can work out sharing tents after the final list is made if you are interested.
  • Water purification tablets-you can use other means, but this is the simplest and surefire way to guarantee that you have clean water. Drinking directly from the streams and lakes is not recommended, as there is often livestock roaming in the area.
  • Camp stove and pot-I will help you purchase food and cooking gas in Bishkek. It's easy and cheap, so don't worry!
  • A good wind/rain jacket.
  • Sunblock and a hat
  • Sturdy boots
  • A good backpack that can hold what you need for the trek plus space for food.

If you are interested in some wild adventure, this is for you! If you have questions as to what to expect or pack in greater detail, please don't hesistate to contact me or the lovely folks at EPIC-ABROAD. We want to get you out there to see this incredible place! You can sign up for the adventure here.

See you in August!