Learning To Ride-Maptia

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.23.31 PM One of my goals for 2015 was to write more, and along with that, contribute to something greater. As I've traveled this year, I've found a love for story telling, through the use of both photographs and words, and coincidently, I also just stumbled on an amazing platform to share both, called Maptia.  It has a great editor that allows you to tell stories in a clean and organized fashion, and with a community that is passionately sharing their experiences. Not to mention contributions from big names in the photography, writing, and adventure world as well.

The thing I really like about Maptia the most is the passion for story, and the belief that stories matter. That stories can make a difference. That they can inspire and empower. That they can change the course of one person's life or history. I've found these things to be true for myself, and I'm really excited about finding something I can use to combine both my writing and photography effectively and share my experiences in a more complete way. I can think of a couple more stories I want to share already!

I'd been looking for a way to share my experience from Kyrgyzstan, and well, I think Maptia is a great way to do it. So my journey through Kyrgyzstan is now up on the site in one complete story! This experience has really taught me that I'm capable of any thing I put my mind to, and that at the end of the day, it's not as much about doing it correctly as it is simply going and doing it in the first place. That first step to GO is the hardest sometimes, when fear of the unknown grips tight, but the reward for taking that step is often a beautiful journey we didn't expect.

If you are at all interested in travel, story telling, great photography, or just interesting thoughts and experiences across the globe, you need to check this site out. It is inspiring and thought provoking.