2014-01-18_0001.jpg After much anticipation, I'm finally in India. I've wanted to visit this country for years, and now I"m finally here, with 3 whole months to explore. I can see a plan forming for my time, which will be driven by some work that I am planning to do with a few non-profits, but will include plenty of personal time to explore the various regions and people of the country.


I feel like India is almost a right of passage among travel photographers. Just about everyone I know who has traveled and is a photographer has spent some time here. I've not been here long, but I can tell, this is going to be fun. Colorful, busy, crowded, wild, this place will be an adventure.

I'm heading to Kolkata tomorrow via overnight train, meeting with an organization that specializes in doing what I want to do with photography for a week. After that, I'll be in Chennai with another organization who works very broadly across all of India, and from there probably back to Mumbai for a week with a third that I got connected with while I was here. After that, I'm planning to head north, to Rajasthan and Punjab for some personal work, and then back down south through Dehli, Agra, and Varanasi (I've decided Sri Lanka is next after India, and I'm also going to take a week in the Maldives to do some diving). And of course, it's all subject to change :)

I've been taking some time to chill in Mumbai, and haven't picked the camera up as much as I had planned. I'm trying to pace myself, I know I could shoot a million photos in this place and burn myself out quickly. There is literally a photo possible on every street corner, and I feel like slowing down to make sense of it all is the best thing I can do, before I really start shooting. I've got the time, after all.

That's all for now. See you in Kolkata!